Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mouse and Horse

"Mom, you can paint me a picture?" Sure, give me a canvas and  I can start painting ...

Why do girls love horses? ...

Colorful Canvas Pt.II

Family in the alps with apple tree ... that could mean this, right?

The girl preferred canvas to paint on it..

Sweet Dreams..

 ...with this dream catcher. It was made by my dauther. And it brings sweet dreams..

The first "Ratz Fatz"

Almost all self-made

... cut...

... already staked...

... Threading the lower thread....

... sew...

...turn inside out ...

...Ready! The bag was executed very proud... The pattern from farbenmix is called "ratz fatz"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer Shirt in Autumn

In keeping with the summery autumn, here's a t-shirt. Section is from Ottobre. I have tried to stitch the butterfly itself, as well as the "rolled edge" is a sample which is loved: o)


One Organizer for the child and one for cell phone, GPS, etc. to store. Which is probably for whom? * gg *

Friday, September 18, 2009


 The picture looks even better from the original. Simply place a sheet of paper in the lid of a shoe box. Establish the color and marbles into the lid and swing back and forth. Tadaaa...

Back again...

 ... and full of ideas. * gg *

Here is a cover for a child's 
health examination booklet. I still have sewn bags for vaccination booklet and medical card. I hope you like it, dear N.

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