Friday, October 30, 2009

Golden Seagull

If the weather is bad and you can not run around outside, then we played with colored bricks.

Here is the restaurant "golden seagull" inclusive DriveInn was built.

L * e * g * o is for hours of fun. Amazing what structures come about.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Instead of wrapping paper ...

... there is a "RatzFatz" bag.

There I placed all the gifts for my nephew. To the Yorik shirt there is a self-created flaps headband and a coloring book. I hope he like the gifts.

The headband was a wish. It should fit under the helmet and keep the ears warm.

I promised

... I show you today the homework book cover (what a word * gg *)

* tataaa *

The butterfly fabric had to serve for two cases. The best friend wanted one too. : o)

The interior was simple with white. Between inner and outer fabric, I have inserted a suitably tailored piece of plastic. Just stitched around and again in the middle of a seam. Then the sleeve is a little more stable.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sometimes Sh** happens

I promised my daughter a new dress for her homework book. Well then, let's go. Now my address book has a new cover. Why? If I create some new patterns I try out a sample piece. This one, for example. To detect possible mistakes and to avoid next time.

I made the mistake that I have indeed calculated the wrapping, but  I did not increase the height by a few millimeters. My address book in A5 is outside robust enough to manage the small cover. Now I knew the right dimensions of the cover and the next time I show you the new dress of the homework book. ;o)

Like it ?

DS case for my best friend. I create the pattern by myself. I only had the dimensions of the device and the games. Three games with cover loosely fit inside the bag and the belt closed the case. I'm already a little proud of myself * grin * I hope I still get pictures with content * wink *

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is the mistake?

 I've tried a roll folder for crayons.
Hm ... ok but something does not fit. Well you see it?




Yes I have done a tie
to each side. * gg * The roll folder was still good but it was simply converted into a pencil skirt. * laughs *

The role I had sewn up a little longer so that you can fold it and the head of the crayons do not break.

Friday, October 9, 2009

You're my Star

I folded this star at christmas time.

Many tutorials for Origami you can found here. *klick*

Eat more fruit!

From polymer clay fruits and vegetables  for the Barbie dolls was kneaded. Pieces of cheese for calcium are enough.There are also oranges, blueberries, tomatoes, bananas and eggs. Well then the Barbie dolls stay healthy * gg *


 The ebook by Beate for gardeners bag can be suitable for men. My friend did not want to have this bag . Why that? Here is the version for the entire XBox stuff of my friend. (ok, a little bit of stuff is by me * gg *). I have extended the bag by 4 small pockets (for my micros) and made it bigger.

And ... because the pattern is so great I wanted to make a bag for my knittings. However, I was so confused that I had forgotten the handle. Well, thought I'd turn that off to the side. Now, the bag looks like a little bunny * laugh *

Now that Dad and Mom had a bag so my girl wanted to have a bag too. I promised her to sew one. But if I had known before that she did not have the bag for herself ...







then ... I would have saved me the fiddly job. * gg *

Here the bag up close. Ugh ... looks good in the Barbie room. Now I am afraid that I may sew more for the lovely lady and her family ...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crocket Dress

My crochet dress is still not finished * grumble *

So first put aside and make the desired scarf in the favorite color for the daughter.

So the dress looks far from ..

Yorik again

This time I sewed a Yorik Hoody. The hoodie is a birthday gift for my nephew. Simply beautiful for a boy.