Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Schnabelinas Sew-Along

Schnabelina started a sew-along on 23rd of September on her Website .
I'm about to sew along with her but since I have missed the start I'm still trying to catch up with her.
It started with the pattern I had to print out, cut out and solve the puzzle ;o)
 The pattern I used is the small version but a medium and big version is also available.
My next decision: What kind of fabric to use? I have dicided to use blue satin fabric and turqouise brocade fabric. 
 Here you can see my handmade piping for the outer pockets.
The tutorial on schnabelinas website is very easy to understand. I sewed my first piping but at the end the result convinced me. 
The outer pockets were easy for me, because they were not the first zipper pockets I have sewed.
Now I have added the outer pockets, the handle and the deco patches to the main body of the bag.

My next step is sewing the inner bag... So back to work!

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