Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hunter and Prey

My daugther was inviteted to a costume party. She wanted to dress up as a leopard (again), but the costume was too small because it was from the year 2006. At that time I sewed this quick costume. A simple vest, leg warmers, a tail and ears with hairgrips inside.
in the year 2006

I resized the costume and added some new pieces of  fake leopard fabric (sadly you can tell the difference between old and new parts).

The vest is now little longer. I sewed a pair of cuffs and some straps of  fabric onto a skirt. And I sewed a bag that looks like a dead zebra as well. So she can store some money, her cell phone and the ticket to the party.

 The dead zebra is a simple cosmetic case. I added a zebra head, legs and a tail.


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