Saturday, August 2, 2014

Festival Time

In the past years I sewed some needful things for our festival tour. This year we sadly stay at home. Maybe we can take part another time.
Here you can see a tetra pak holder. On the festival ground no bottles are allowed, so we took some  tetra paks filled with water to the concerts. Last year we got some autographs on our holders from one of the bands.

For my daugther I had knot a bracelet of the festival in 2010.

The money is save in this little wrist cuffs. The pattern is from here.

And here I sewed all of the wristbands on a sleeve. I also must sew the wristband of the last year on it.

Maybe we see you next year in WACKEN !!

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  1. Sieht echt praktisch aus, könnt ihr dann nächstes Jahr gut gebrauchen.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Danke, die Tetrapac-Halter sind auch ohne Festval praktisch, da passt nämlich ganz genau eine 1l Tupperflasche rein ;o)

    So hat man immer genug Wasser dabei.

    LG Hirvi