Monday, October 6, 2014

Pillow Blanket and a little How to...

I had another pillow for week one of  Emma's project of fabric downsizing.

I sewed a pillow blanket. A what...? A pillow blanket is a pillow with an hiding blanket inside. Such an pillow is easy to sew, only you do it like me and take frezzer paper to print and sewed a patchworks square. This takes a lot of time.

If we were on a road trip, the kids sleep in the car. Now I sewed a pillow that can be used as a blanket too. I taken some fleece and sewed a square fabric in the middle of the upper side. For this square I took frezzer paper to printed a golden "A".

On the next step I cut two other squares that are a little bit smaller than the first. The one is made of kind of a patchwork and the other is again printed with frezzer paper. Than I sewed two squares right sides together, leave an opening to turn it. Then I sewed around the square and I even close the opening in this step.

I sewed these smaller square onto the first square but leave an opening at the bottom. After this step I neaten the hole blanket with bias tape. You're done!

Now I put the blanket into the opening at the bottom and have a pillow. If the kids wanted to sleep, they can grab the blanket out and (hopefully) sleeps till we arrive at the place.

Reduced fabric: 1 x 1.40 m and 0.35 x 1.20 m

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