Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Little Tutorial

Behind the scenes I made some presents for Christmas but I can't show these presents at this time. But I can show you a little tutorial for an application like this. These applications are great for personalized presents.

When I sewed the Chillax pillow I took some pictures for this tutorial. I'm sure that there is an easier way, however that's my way of making a handwritten application.

Here we start: 

At first I consider about the size of the application. In this example I took the size of the grey fabric.

I wrote the word "Chillax" on a paper that has the same size as the grey fabric. I try different typefaces, till I was happy with my written word.

On a scrap of plastic foil I wrote the word again and put the paper aside.

 Under the foil I place a red fabric and under the whole fabric sandwich I place a paper towel.

With a small regular stich I sewed along the line on the foil.

Again I sewed along the line, but this time I took a very small zigzag stich.

 I removed the foil and the paper towel carefully.

At last I took some sharp scissors, cut away the red fabric around the zigzag stich and finished the pillow.

 You're done!!

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