Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of DIY 2014

Caro from this website and Misses Cherry , asked for a best of DIY in 2014. Here are my favorite DIY of this year.

I sewed a lot of bags. Most of them cause of the TS II sew along with Emma and farbenmix. I love the "Hunter and Prey" costume with the dead zebra bag.

And of cause I sewed a lot of clothes, sometimes even for myself. But most clothes are for the kid's.

The king sized blanket and the matching pillow for my daugther was the first huge project in 2014.

And I sewed much of presents. Most of all is the relaxing neck pillow from Sew4Home.

And this post is linked up to Caro and Misses Cherry.

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  1. Du hast ja auch so viele tolle Sachen gemacht das letzte Jahr, toll!
    LG Steffi