Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Decorations and Little Tutorial

A long time ago I saw on a website a nice decoration in a egg shape. Sadly I don't remember where I saw this idea.
So I try to sew it without any manual. I took the "Drälla" cutting board from IKEA an draw an egg on it. I cut it out and used it as the pattern for the fabric. With the help of this pattern I cut four fabric eggs. Two of these fabric eggs I cut in half and covered the edges with bias tape. I also took some woven ribbons and sew them on the front side of the divided egg. After this I made a sandwich: full egg fabric, face down -> cutting mat -> full egg fabric, face up -> divided egg fabric, face up and pin. Then I sewed bias tape around the egg. Tadaa.. your egg decoration is ready.

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