Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Elsa Dress

The kindergarten teacher of my son asked me if I can sew a dress or skirt for the older kids in the kindergarten. Of course I can. I know that some sisters from a disney movie are the favorite figures for girls in the age from 2-6 years. First I draw a sketch to see how it supposed to look. Than I took turqouise brocade fabric, light blue satin and some other fabric and arranged them as shown in the drawing, to a beautiful dress. For the waist and the neckline I used elastic band to make sure that the dress fits all girls in the kindergarten. From some other fabric I sewed also a skirt. The girls now really happy and sing "Let it go...." all the time.

Sorry for the bad pictures, there were made in the morning before I bring the dress and skirt into the kindergarten.

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