Sunday, March 20, 2016

School Project

From time to time, my daughter had a school project to finished at home. So this one. The topic of this project was to represent a scene from a favorite book in a shoe box. My daugther choose the book: "Percy Jackson-Sea of Monsters" and the scene with Thalia and the golden Fleece.

In this book the half-human son of Poseidon named Percy and his friends must find the hidden golden Fleece to protect the border of Camp Half-Blood.

Outside the shoebox is painted in blue and brush with dark blue and white to look like ocean waves. 

Inside the box there is a wood and in the middle the trunk of a tree.

The gate to Camp Half-Blood and the golden Fleece are also attached in the middle of the box.

On the outside of the box is the word Poseidon in greek letters ( I hope she google it the right way) and the title of the book. My daughter mark the scene in the book, read it to her classmates and tell about the scene in the box. 

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