Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Favorite Pattern

It is just over a year since I buyed a pattern for a pants. A few weeks ago I try to sew some pants for my son. I'm so excited... my son got three new pants, my daugther got one and I wanted to sew a pants for me and for my husband. But first I will show you the short version from my son.  More will follow ;o)

This pants is an exemplary to see how it fit and how to sew, but it's also wearable for the playground on hot summer days.

pattern: Alltagsheld von Hilli Hiltrud aus dem Kombi-ebook
size: 98 (in short version)
fabric: goofy giraffes by sari ahokainen, Michas Stoffecke, Buttinette
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

12 von 12 - May 2016

Here are my "12 von 12" in May.

Wake up early ... usually ;)

...making breakfast for the boy...

Really?! ....rainy way to work...

...little break at work...

...before I can do this checkup...

...making a workmate happy with some flower prints on her shirt's quitting time...

...lunch for me and the teen...

...pick up the boy from kindergarten...

...starting the dishwasher...

...bedtime story for the boy...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Girls and Bags

For my niece I sewed a bag for her bike. The pretty fabric was ordered last minute, cause I had no idea what I wanted to sew for her 4th birthday. Happily the mother of the birthday child has told me a few days ago that my niece is learning to ride a bike and so I had the idea for the bag.

As though by chance there is a sew along on Emma's website to this pattern this time. I resize the pattern to 75% and so the bag fits for a little bike and I also only attached one inner pocket with a zipper.

modification: resize to 75%
woven ribbon: farbenmix
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello May - bye April

Time goes by so fast... another month is gone. Here are my moments in April.

 Village spring party, discover a new running trail, day out with a friend, playing some games, the boy get some new little books, overnight stay guests, plant some strawberries, barbecue, the boy learned something new.