Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Girls and Bags

For my niece I sewed a bag for her bike. The pretty fabric was ordered last minute, cause I had no idea what I wanted to sew for her 4th birthday. Happily the mother of the birthday child has told me a few days ago that my niece is learning to ride a bike and so I had the idea for the bag.

As though by chance there is a sew along on Emma's website to this pattern this time. I resize the pattern to 75% and so the bag fits for a little bike and I also only attached one inner pocket with a zipper.

modification: resize to 75%
woven ribbon: farbenmix
linked up to: Emma, TT

1 comment:

  1. Die Lenkertasche ist richtig süß geworden. Richtig für kleine Mädchen. Gefällt mir sehr gut.

    LG Marita