Saturday, April 29, 2017

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - April - "Dresden Plate"

 Again a month is passing by and I can show you another block from the #6köpfe12blöcke Quilt - Along. The block from April is presented by Andrea and is called "Dresden Plate". The instruction are very clear and easy. Only the real life has took some time and I had finished this block just at the end of April.

As usual I choose my blue main fabric and completed it with some other matching fabric.

pattern: "Dresden Plate" 
fabric: buttinette
size: 12,5" x 12,5"

Friday, April 28, 2017

Shirt Amy

In the last years I sewed a lot of clothing for my kid's but not so much for myself. I want to change this. I want to sew more things just for me.

By accident I learned that you get a free pattern for a shirt if you subscribe to the newsletter from Pattydoo. I'm often on her website and so I subscribe to the newsletter. Some days later I print out the pattern and cut my fabric. And what can I say, I love my new shirt! 

Serger seams on the outside.

Two colored sleeves.

pattern: "Amy" Pattydoo

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This time I tryed the pattern "Bube" from farbenmix Taschenspieler Vol I. This bag is really huge. My daughter take this bag when she only need her folder and some pencils at school. In this bag also fits something to drink and eat for a long school day. Perfect... but did I tell that I was sewing this bag for me. I must better pay attention of my bags.

pattern: Bube, farbenmix Taschenspieler Vol.I
fabric: pinstriped fabric-own stock, grey fabric-buttinette, ribbon-farbenmix

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

12 von 12 - April 2017

Here are my 12 pictures from my 12th of April. On Caro's website you can find more pictures of the 12th.

Wake up late, cause I have some days off...

... coffee, as usual ...

... breakfast, this time some fast food, cause both kid's aren't at home ...

... forgot the spoons for the coffee we want to bring to our builder on the contruction side ...

... breakfast for the builders on the construction side ...

... nice work from our builders ...

... second coffee ...

... prepare the water ...

... for the water playground ...

... dishwasher time ...

... watching a concert ...

... lunch . A very lazy day without kids.

Linked up to Caro.

Friday, April 7, 2017

TWD Clutch

Last summer I sewed a clutch similar to these. This time I wanted to use the clutch as a hip bag. I also wanted another solution to wear the bag around the hip or even over the shoulders. The base pattern is from  the "farbenmix Taschenspieler II" CD.

I took black fabric and a small piece of a comic strip fabric and sewed it on the flap. As the waiststrap I used a chain from a hardware store and tie red wool trough the chain. With a trigger hook on both ends I can control the length.

 ... the comic strip is sewed on a red background and is cutting a little bit shabby and fray ...

 ... on the back is a zipper pocket with a TWD ribbon ...

pattern: Clutch from farbenmix Taschenspieler II
fabric: black - buttinette , The Walking Dead - beautyme fashion
chain & trigger hooks: local hardware store
ribbon: beautyme fashion
linked up to: TT

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello April - bye March

My March..

 I got a nice birthday present, go out for dinner, made some cupcakes, the boy is ill ( then the teenie and of cause myself ), construction site taking shape, important meeting, enjoy the sun, the boy vistits his grandparents (again)..