Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - July "Snail's Trail"

The July block from the #6köpfe12blöcke QAL is called "Snail's Trail" and the instructions are presented by Dorthe alias lalalapatchwork.

I had decided that I made my block bi-colored. I took my main blue fabric and add a cappuchino brown fabric.

Look's nice, but I fall in euphoria and I made a mistake... Note to me: RTFM!!

I think I call it the "Snail Fail". Now there was the time for the seam ripper.

And now I'm done! Thanks to Dorthe for the instructions.

"Snail's Trail" instruction: Dorthe from lalala-patchwork
fabric: Buttinette
linked up to: Dorthe
size: 12,5" x 12,5"

Friday, July 21, 2017

farbenmix - "Herz"

During the last time I sewed some pencil cases. My favorite pattern is "Herz" from farbenmix "Taschenspieler Vol I."

As a side note - I like recycled demin in every kind of bag.

pattern: "Herz" farbenmix - Taschenspieler I
fabric: , recycled demin
ribbon: farbenmix

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Comic Bags

On Schnabelinas website is a very nice tutorial to sew your own bag for little books. I took this pattern and modified it to fit to my comics.

I sewed two bags but I think I need another one. My comic book collection grows every month...

pattern: Schnabelina
fabric: buttinette,, demin
size: A5

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12 von 12 - July 2017

It's the twelfth again and here are my twelve pictures of July. On Caros website you can watch  the pictures of all the other participants.

 Good morning ... thanks for the reminder ...

... after making breakfast and of course coffee I must leave the house ...

... wait for the doctor ...

... my knee is completely cured, so let's drive to work ...

... breakfast time at work ...

... preparing a present for a wedding in the afternoon ...

... pick up the boy ...

... only red traffic signs on my way ...

... some curative treatment for the boy ...

... the postman have lots of packages for us ...

... shooting some pictures to blog them ...

... after a shower and a meal, it's bedtime.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - June "Log Cabin"

The next block is hosted by Gesine. But it is not only one block she presented, there are two blocks!!
I start to sewed the "Log Cabin" cause I had sewn a similar pattern for a pillow. --> here

The instruction was very clear and so I sewed the block between Lunch and Dinner ;o)
I used again my nearly last scraps of blue main fabric and matching patchwork fabric.

When I get some more sewing time between kids caring, house building, work and others I'm realy sure I will sew the "Pineapple" and "Snail's Trail"

fabric: buttinette
linked up to: Allie & me design

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Notebook Supplies Bag

My husband is from time to time on the road for busisness. For this reason he wanted a bag for his notebook mouse, cables, plugs and other stuff.

 He wanted some dividers in this bag too, of course they are adjustable by velcro.
I work meticulously on a pattern for such a case and in the end my husband had a stable and universally usable bag on his trips.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL- May - "Dutchman Puzzle"

This time on the QAL  of #6köpfe12blöcke I sewed the "Dutchman Puzzle" The instruction is hosted from Katharina a.k.a. greenfietsen

The block is very versatile, and I tried so many options. It was hardly to dicide on of these options.

At the end I sewed the second version.

Now my blue main fabric is running out of stock and I have to order quickly some meters.

instruction: Katharina
fabric: Buttinette
linked up to: greenfietsen

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello July - bye June

A half year is passed by and here are my review for the June.

Find a dragon in Worms, playtime with the boy, my mango tree is growing, find a new activity, nice bus on the road, building site visting, a double rainbow.