Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Batman, Robin and Batgirl

This year I get a phone call from my good sister and she asked me if I can sew some costumes for her kids for Fasching. Her boy wanted to be Batman und her girl wanted to be Batgirl.
Anyway, we had to pick up my boy from his grandparents and so I took the chance and bring my sewing machine. 
My good sister bring some shirts and a few meters of fabric. I kept it very simple, I had only one day to make the kids happy. Very shortly after we arrived at our old homeland I sat on the machine with three prying kids around me. On every shirt I sewed also a cape for the real superhero feeling.

"Batman" and "Batgirl" were very happy with their costumes.

As my son saw the costumes from his cousins he wanted to be "Robin", so I took a red long sleeved shirt, cut of the sleeves and sewed a vest with some applications on it. The cape is fixed with some buttons.

A green long sleeved shirt under the vest and a green pants make the costume complete. For this costume I had more time as a day so I stiched around all details.

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