Monday, February 12, 2018

12 von12 - February 2018

Welcome to my "12 von 12". More about these project on Caro's website.

Good morning...

... but first coffee ...

... bags are packed ...

... new shoes for kindergarten ...

... still need maps to drive to work ...

... parking lot ...

... quiting time ...

... buy some food ...

... and make it ...

... dishes ...

... some other work to do ...

... take a walk and catching the sun.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hello February - bye January

The first month of the year is allready gone, so welcome February.

Celebrate the new year, get something to sew, village life, very cold days, origami for a friend, buy new clothes for a new beginning at work, farewell from some workmates.

Monday, January 22, 2018

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - December "Ohio Star"

I like the December block of the quilt along most. It is called "Ohio Star" and the tutorial came from Gesine (Allie and me design).

 My fabrics, blue with matching colors.

Looks different, but it is not the star.

Now here is my Ohio Star. In the last days I thought about the layout to finish my quilt and I made a dicision. I will write about that later.

Thanks Gesine for the tutorial! 

instruction: allie and me design
fabric: buttinette
size: 12,5" x 12,5"

Sunday, January 21, 2018

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - November "Jacob's Ladder"

The next block I'll show you is the block called "Jacob's Ladder". This time the tutorial is from Katharina aka greenfietsen.

My choice of fabric.

I cut my fabric against grain to had more options to arrange the rectangles.

Let's see what option looks best.

I think this is my choice of arrangement.

Thanks to Katharina for the instruction.

fabric: buttinette
size: 12,5" x 12,5"
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Saturday, January 20, 2018

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - October "Joseph's Coat"

And the next block. 
"Joseph's Coat" from quiltmanufaktur.

And yes, again my main fabric in blue. For the leaves I took only one matching fabric.

I had iron on some Vlisofix and for extra secure I pined every leaf in place.

With a small zig zag stitch I sewed all around the leaves.

Looks nice for me.

And ready for the next block. 

Thanks to Andrea for this wonderful instruction.

instruction: quiltmanufaktur
fabric: buttinette
size: 12,5" x 12,5"
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Friday, January 19, 2018

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - September "Bears Paw"

My sewing flow is back and here is my next block. It is called "Bear's Paw". Verena from ...einfach bunt showed on her website how to sew that block.

 Again blue main fabric and for the claws I took the scaps from the "Dutchman's Puzzle"

Let's cut some pieces.

The first paw is ready, three to go.

Tadaa! Thanks Verena, it was much fun sewing this block.

instruction: ...einfach bunt
fabric: buttinette
size: 12,5" x 12,5"
linked up to: Verena

Thursday, January 18, 2018

#6köpfe12blöcke - QAL - August "Card Trick"

I'm back on track, my sewing machine is on her place and I sewed the remaining blocks of the #6köpfe12blöcke QAL. I didn't sew a block a day, but over the last weeks. At the same time I wrote this, I made a plan to finished the quilt as well. The next days I'll show you my remaining blocks.

Here is my "Card Trick"

The instruction to this block came from Nadra. For me the block was a little bit tricky (no pun intended, I swear), maybe after such a long time without sewing I had to find my flow again.

I took again my main fabric in blue and added some matching fabric.

It is a very nice block and , thanks to Nadra, the  instruction was easily to understand, but unfortunatly I made my block looks a little bit lopsided. :o)

instruction: Nadra
fabric: buttinette
size: 12,5 " x12,5"
linked up to: ellis & higgs

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

12 von 12 - January 2018

Hello and welcome to my 12 von 12 in January. More information to this monthly photo project you can find on Caro's website.

 I'm late ...

... I like my Bumblebee mug ...

... and I like also the teens new motivation sheets ...

... breakfast for the boy ...

... went to the mall ...

... laundry ...

... oh my gosh, more laundry ...

... and the dishes ...

... I need a break, so what's new in town ...

... playtime with the boy ...

... dinner ...

... the kid's are in bed and I make some plans for my quilt.

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